Estonia is an Eastern European country with bays, straits, inlets, and an estimated 1,500 islands. Russia, Latvia, the Gulf of Finland, and the Baltic Sea surround it. The mainland is mostly flat and forested. The government is a parliamentary republic, with the president as the chief of state and the prime minister as the head of government. Estonia has a modern market-based economy in which goods and services are priced using a free price system. Estonia is a European Union member (EU).

If you’re having trouble getting your goods from Hanoi to Estonia, don’t hesitate to call Indochinapost. Indochinapost is pleased to be one of the top companies in logistics and foreign commerce in Hanoi, thanks to its skilled workforce. We are devoted to meeting your needs through our cost-effective and secure shipping service from Hanoi to Estonia.

We provide all kinds of Logistics Services with insurance.

  • Domestic Express
  • International Express
  • Trucking Service
  • Warehousing
  • Booking service
  • Customs declaration, customs clearance
  • Obtaining import and export licenses services

Wide range of commodities that can be sent cost-efficient.

  • Documents/Diplomatic items: ID, certificate, license, papers, visa, etc.
  • Building materials: cement, plumbing, brick, sand, stone, steel, plaster, furniture.
  • Agriculture products: rice, wheat, mango, banana, dragon fruits, cassava, maize (corn), wheat flour, fresh vegetables, etc.
  • Plants and animals breeding.
  • Industrial production: weaving, packaging, animal feed, machinery.
  • Live animals: cattle, pigs, chickens, birds, ostriches, dogs, cats.
  • Cargo, overweight, heavy.
  • Special and high-value commodities: gifts, chemicals, laboratory equipment, plasma, ceramics, glass.

Prohibited items to other countries according to Vietnamese regulations.

  • Narcotics, mental stimulants;
  • Arms, ammunition, military-technical equipment;
  • Depraved and reactionary publications, printed matters or documents against public security;
  • Explosive and inflammable items or substances or unhygienic, environmental pollutants;
  • Articles, goods are forbidden to be circulated, traded by the government;
  • Rare animals, animal fur;
  • Articles, publications, good forbidden to be imported to destination countries;
  • Hanoiese currency, foreign currency, and documents valuable as money;
  • Precious metal (such as gold, silver, etc.), gemstones or products made from precious metal or gemstones;
  • Antiques (fragile), human body parts;
  • Lithium battery, addictive substances;
  • Items containing many items sent to many addresses.

Specializing in handling air freight forwarding services in the most professed, dependable, and prompt way.

Advantages of shipping by air:

• Speed.
• Agility in administrative procedures.
• Less risk of damage to merchandise.
• It is the means of transport with the lowest accident rate.

We ship by air with many service packages for your requirements:

  • Express package: 1-2 days
  • Regular package:  3-4 days
  • Saving package: 5-6 days

We are currently associated with many major airlines such as Hanoi Airlines, Jetstar, AirAsia, Cathay Pacific, EvaAirlines,…etc.

And, we are proud to be the official agent of FedExDHLTNTUPS, etc

Indochinapost – your best companion.

  • Delivering goods on time.
  • The most competitive price in the market.
  • Updating cargo’s status constantly, easily tracking packages.
  • Using high technology.
  • Commitment to customer information security.
  • Dedicated, professional staff.
  • Flexible payment method.

Simple shipping procedure from Hanoi to Estonia instructions:

Step 1: Listing commodities information

You need to declare all information related to the goods, including weight, volume, …  We will carry out the next steps based on this information, therefore, the information has to be as accurate as possible.

Step 2: Packing

You need to be careful about the packaging to avoid damage to the goods. The packing needs to be done in the standard size of the goods.

We also provide additional packaging services according to international standards with preferential prices.

Some of packing requirements:

  1. Each item shall be packed and closed in a manner befitting the weight, the shape, and the nature of the contents as well as the mode and duration of conveyance. Each item shall be packed and closed so as not to present any danger to officials handling it, or damage other mails or postal equipment.
  2. Items which does not need special packing must be ensured that it can be opened for content inspection.

Step 3: Sending to our units

You can send goods to us by all means to ensure the best quality. Here are our addresses:

  • Hochiminh Office: 02 Phan Thuc Duyen Street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi
  • Hanoi Office: 01 Hoang Ngoc Phach Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Hanoi

Step 4: Finishing payment

After completing the payment procedures, our unit will start shipping as soon as possible.

Our express service is present throughout Estonia’s territory.

Räpina* Jõgeva*
Tallinn Kärdla*
Tartu Põltsamaa*
Narva Otepää*
Pärnu* Kilingi-Nõmme*
Kohtla-Järve Sindi*
Viljandi Paldiski*
Rakvere Tamsalu*
Maardu Antsla*
Sillamäe Karksi-Nuia*
Kuressaare* Kunda*
Valga* Püssi*
Võru Narva-Jõesuu*
Haapsalu* Tõrva*
Jõhvi* Loksa
Keila Lihula*
Põlva* Abja-Paluoja*
Rapla* Võhma*
Türi* Mustvee*
Paide* Suure-Jaani*
Tapa* Kallaste*
Saue* Mõisaküla*
Elva* Kehra*

To every corner of Hanoi

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