India is a South Asia country that occupies most of the Indian peninsula. India shares borders with China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and

Afghanistan. India is the second-most populous country in the world with a population of over one billion and at the same time the seventh-largest in terms of area..
According to General Department Customs, the export from Viet Nam to India in the first two months of 2021 reached 1.09 billion USD, up to 16.9% over the same period last year. 
The main products exported to India are: Phones of all kinds and components with 309.7 million USD, up 22.9%, leading the export turnover to the Indian market; followed by computers, electronic products and components, worth 137.1 million USD, up 6.68%, accounting for 12.55% of total export turnover.
In the last of 2021, trade between Viet Nam and India got 12,08 billion USD, up to 37,68 percent compared to last year. 
Some goods increase such as plastics, chemicals, coal, steel, metal, etc. You can see, that India is a big market and a big opportunity for individuals and bussinesses.
For this reason, express delivery of important documents is very necessary in Export and Import. To make sure documents are safe and arrive on time. 
Indochina Post take care every parcel, especially documents because I know it is very important.

Vietnam's President Of The National Assembly Has Presented India With A Gift To Mark The 5th Anniversary Of Their Comprehensive Strategic Partnership - Inventiva
Fast time delivery: 7 to 10 days 
Our partners are reputable carriers such as 
Địa Chỉ Văn Phòng FedEx Hồ Chí Minh & Tổng đài Hotline Liên hệ - Helen Express
FedEx: reputation brand for the fast delivery time, easy to track your order delivery, and high safety. 
The international prestige affirms the professionalism of FedEx for cargo.
FedEx is an American international shipping company founded in 1971.
FedEx has a logistics system and a team of operations in over 220 countries.
The advantage of FedEx is that the freight is softer and more reasonable than DHL.

Công ty chuyển phát nhanh quốc tế UPS là gì? Ưu điểm của UPS?
UPS: cheaper than other, you can track your order delivery. UPS (United Parcel Service) was founded in 1907 in the US. 
It can be said that this is the oldest courier company in the world. UPS is primarily serving supply chain management and package shipping globally. 
In addition, UPS also has specialized logistics and heavy goods services.
Up to now, the company is present in over 220 countries and territories with nearly 500,000 employees. 
Cargo handling by land, sea, rail and air. 
UPS attaches great importance to optimizing supply chains and reducing transportation costs, bringing competitive advantages to the logistics industry. 
Therefore, UPS's price is always highly competitive compared to competitors such as DHL and FedEx in Vietnam. 
UPS applies powerful technology to its service to operate and handle large volumes of freight daily around the world.

Chuyển phát nhanh DHL là gì? Là công ty của nước nào? 
DHL: fastest time delivery, high safe, the price is higher than others. The main market leader is DHL. 
An international shipping company founded in 1969 in Germany. DHL currently operates globally with approximately 300,000 employees in 220 countries. 
DHL operates in a variety of modes of transportation, including ships, rails, trucks, and planes. 
The mainstay of the company is the package of small and medium-sized and medium-weight packages such as documents, items, samples, samples... which are transported by air. 
The airline also has its own warehouses, transport fleets and cargo planes in the countries where it operates. 
DHL is a typical image of a reputable and quality international shipping company. 
The staff as well as the operating system are very professional and dedicated. 
Customer service as well as after-sales service is very good. 
DHL has been present in Vietnam since 1988 and operates under the brand names: DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Supply Chain. 
DHL serves both individual and corporate customers.
The advantaged of Indochina Post
Indochina Post is one of the biggest sales agent of FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Thus, we have a good price for you, your business. 
Indochina Post pick up documents from your office. 
Delivery inland India.
Reputation, Responsible, Assistance is our criteria.
Thanks for choosing us.

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