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Customs declaration- the term is popular with every business in import- export field. So what is custom declaration? What is the thing you need to know when using Customs declaration services? The following article will give you the best answer to all of these problems.

What is customs declaration?

1. Definition

It is a form that is required by most nations – countries when a citizen or a visitor or goods are entering that nation’s borders, called import. The purpose of the form document is to declare what goods are been brought in to the nation, as some may have limits or customs excise tax or are banned from entry. This service allows the client to declare and obtain clearance for the movement of goods in and out of the country under the following regimes:

2. The Roles and Functions of customs declaration 

– It is a legal document in customs inspection and supervision.

– It acts as a document source containing the information of goods as well as the owner of it.

– It is the basis for enterprises as well as related units to perform customs statistics.

3. Types of customs declaration

In the period before April 2014, if businesses carry out customs procedures, they can use electronic customs declaration forms which is directly printed from the customs software. Since 2017, however, it is more convenient in making customs declaration thanks to the VNACCS software.

Customs declaration

What documents required before registering Customs Declaration?

In order to successfully register this document, you need to provide all the following documents:

1. Customs documents required in Vietnam

Customs declaration form

– 4 commercial invoices including 1 original and 3 copies

– Copy of sale and purchase contract of goods

– Letter of credit copy (Optional)

– Certificate of origin

– Original insurance certificate

– Delivery order (issued at the shipping company)

– Introduction letter of business, bill of lading.

2. Customs procedure

First, submit the original bill of lading and the recommendation letter of shipping company to get delivery orders.

Then bring all the documents to the custom declaration registration service. They check the goods and calculate the tariff.

Finally, pay tax and withdraw the declaration then receive your goods.

Understanding the difficulties as well as the importance of the customs declaration as mentioned above, Indochinapost has devoted all its efforts to recruiting and training experienced customs officers and tax officials to handle the steps of clearing goods for customers.

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Above are some sharing about the customs declaration. Hopefully, through this article, you can get the best answer about what a custom declaration is and the document required before registering it. Thank you for following our post.

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