Airway bill ( AWB)

(28/03/2017) | Information

Airway bill ( AWB)


  • Proof for a carriage contract signed by seller or buyer with a carrier.
  • Proof to prove that the carrier collected the goods
  • Certificate of insurance of goods transported by air
  • A custom declaration of goods
  • A guide for airline staff during cargo service

Note: Different from Bill of lading, Airway Bill does not have the function of goods ownership certificate because in usual, the commodities are delivered before AWB. This is caused due to high speed of air transportation, commodities will be delivered to the buyer a long time before AWB which is sent by the seller via his bank to the buyer’bank is delivered to the buyer.


2. Categories of AWB

a. Classified by types of issuers

  • Airline airway bill: issued by airline agency. There is ID and symbol of the carrier on this kind of AWB
  • Neutral airway bill: issued by the third person who always is carrier’ agency. There is no ID or symbol of carrier on this kind of airway bill.

b. Classified base on consolidation

  • Master airway bill – MAWB: issued by the airway carrier to the consolidator at the destination airport as a delivery document that proves the airway carrier did deliver commodities to consolidator
  • House airway bill – HAWB: issued by forwarder to the seller as a delivery documents that proves the forwarder did collect the commodities from seller

3. Airway bill analysis

  • Date & No
  • Symbol, name of carrier
  • Name & information of shipper, consignee, notify party
  • Information of conveyance: Shipment date, flight number, port of loading, discharge
  • Information of commodities: weight, dimension
  • Carriage value
  • Customs value

Beside that, we also provide other services such as

  • Packing, storage of cargoes
  • Unloading, dunnage, scraping goods (in case of necessity)
  • Control of, test items, goods
  • Consultancy transport route selection, transport vehicles
  • Express, , Sea cargo transportation
  • Warehousing services
  • Customs procedures; procedures at ports, airports, industrial zones; service application for the licens

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