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Carrying a wide variety of goods including heavy and bulky items, rail transport is one of the most popular types of transport today. Rail transport is chosen by many companies due to its advantages: low cost, stable price, safe transportation and exact delivery time. So how to use this type of transport? Today, Indochinapost will provide you with the most detailed rail transport process.


Rail transport is one type of transportation that carries a variety of goods, especially bulky and large items. Rail transport uses carriages to carry people and goods. Furthermore, trains can also carry large cargo container so it is suitable for the needs of transporting large volumes. Similar to shipping by sea, a single shipping line is capable of carrying multiple containers of cargo of many senders.

The current domestic railway systems have been improved with many train stations across major cities so the transportation becomes faster and simpler for transporting goods to any provinces. If you need to transport large or bulky goods, rail transport is definitely a great choice.

Vietnam railway system has a total length of 2652 km, of which the main route Hanoi- Ho Chi Minh city called North- South Railway is 1726 long, making an important contribution to reducing domestic transport. It is a great way to reduce pressure on road transportation as well as ensure maximum cost for businesses.


  • Transporting goods from warehouse to warehouse, from station to station.
  • There are dedicated wagons to transport cars and move houses.
  • Package transport
  • Transporting by specialized carriages which is suitable for bulk and super cargo
  • Warehouse and distribution of goods


Rail transport

  1. Receive information from customers
  2. Checking the amount of goods
  3. Shipping quotation after signing a shipping contract
  4. Determine progress of delivery, loading and unloading goods from warehouse to ship
  5. The goods are shipped to the target destination
  6. After completing, ask customers to pay according to the contract. Proving invoices to customers if required.


Overall, customers choose our services due to different reasons:

  • Wide and flexible network with both domestic and international firms, large enterprises
  • Customer private information is completely protected
  • Guaranteed delivery time
  • Carefully packed, ensuring safety for fragile goods, according to export standards.
  • Compensation insurance: 100% cargo insurance to avoid the situation of wrong goods, damage or loss of goods
  • Competitive freight rates and stable space
  • Highly trained, dedicated, responsible and thoughtful staff
  • Tracking the shipping process and notifying customers when goods arrive

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