Deadline for presenting invoices and import documents against Vietnam regulations

(14/10/2017) | Custom broker Information International Express News

If you are traders or enterprises, and you are going to importing commodities to Vietnam’s territory. It is important to submit your invoices and all the relevant documents in order to make a customs clearance in time and in convenient way.

Vietnam customs’ officer inspecting marchandises

According to Article 3, Circular No. 64/2015/TTLT-BTC-BCT-BCA-BQP promulgated at 8th, May 2015 of Vietnam’s Government, presented as follow:

  1. With regard to goods in transit, goods displayed for sale, goods kept in warehouses, depots, gathering points (except for the cases mentioned in Clause 2 of this Article), their traders and persons with relevant interests must present adequate invoices and/or documents proving the legitimacy of such goods as prescribed by law and this Circular at the time of inspection.


  1. With regard to imported goods being displayed for sale, in a warehouse or depot under the trader’s right to use (the warehouse or depot is registered with a competent authority) or right to use, invoices and/or documents shall be presented as follows:
  1. At the time of inspection, the trader and person with relevant interests and duties must present copies of invoices and/or documents bearing the trader’s seal to prove that the imported goods are legitimate;
  2. Within 24 hours from the time of inspection, the trader must present the original invoices and/or documents to prove the legitimacy of goods as prescribed by law and this Circular. If the expiration of the 24-hour time limit is rest time as prescribed, invoices and/or documents shall be presented right after the rest time; the inspecting authority must write the time and location of document presentation on the record;
  3. At the time of inspection, the trader fails to present the invoices and/or documents to prove the legitimacy of imported goods, the inspecting authority shall impound the goods as prescribed by law in order to verify their legitimacy.


  1. If the trader presents adequate the invoices and/or documents proving the legitimacy of imported goods but the inspecting authority has good reasons to believe that the origins of such goods are illegitimate, they may impound the goods, compare documents, verify the origins of goods, and take legal responsibility for any damage caused for their manufacturer/seller.


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