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Airfreight forwarder in Vietnam

Indochina Post Logistics is an international air freight and courier express company. Indochina Post Logistics (IPL) operates a delivery network across Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh City to Hai Phong via Da Nang and Ha Noi.
We handle cargo for Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airway, Vietjet Air, Jetstar Cargo, and Pacific Airlift, among others. We also act as a DHL, Fedex, and UPS express agency.

Handling process for air shipment by air with IPL

Step 1: Obtain a booking request from the customer.
Personnel from Cs and Docs receive customer booking requests
Booking requests are received 1-2 days before the ETD.
Step 2: Send booking confirmation to customers and notify them of the closing time, delivery warehouse, and OPS contact at the airport warehouse.
– Lead time: 2-4 working hours after BK request or one day before ETD.
Step 3: Obtain SI from customer and issue draft HAWB:
– Cs and Docs staffs request SI, IV, and PL from customers (basic SI information: shipper, consignee, notify goods description, AOL / AOD, quantity, shipping marks, freight term, and other details must be displayed on Hawb)
– The Cs and Docs staffs create a draft Hawb based on the customer’s SI.
– Time to complete:
ETD – 1 day is ideal.
The deadline is 8 working hours before the departure time.
Step 4: Send the draft HAWB to the customer for review:
Send a draft HAWB to both the shipper and the overseas agent for review, notify them of the HAWB amendment deadline, and obtain their confirmation.
– Time to complete:
ETD – 1 day is ideal.
Within two working hours of receiving the SI, at the latest.
Step 5: Prepare a pouch of original documents and hand them over to OPS to send with the cargo:
– The following original documents are included in the pouch:
+ For Asian shipments:
• Complete set of original Hawb (for consignee)
• Manifest of Cargo (1 copy attached outside of pouch, 3 copies inside pouch)
• Any other original documents (invoice, packing list, C/O or Phyto certificate, etc.)
+ For shipments to the United States, Canada, or the European Union:
• Complete set of original Hawb (for consignee)
• Attached to the outside of the pouch are two copies of Hawb (delete c.w & dims in case of cut weight)
• Cargo manifest (2 copies attached outside the pouch, 3 copies inside the pouch)
• 1 small envelope with 1 copy of the Hawb + 1 cargo manifest inside the pouch
• Cargo manifest (2 copies attached outside the pouch, 3 copies inside the pouch), • 1 small envelope with 1 copy of the Hawb + 1 cargo manifest inside the pouch
• Airlines’ security form + Mawb statement (for shipments to the US/Canada) attached outside pouch (each airline has their own regulations about security forms: how many copies, how to fill in the information, how to chop & sign, any other docs that must be attached) • Other original docs (invoice, packing list, C/O or Phyto certificate…)
– Lead time: After receiving actual g.w. and dims from the OPS at the airport (***cut-off time for attached docs pouch with cargo: 2 hours before ETD for passenger and 4 hours before ETD for freighter)
Step 6: Send final copy Hawb to customer – CS & Docs staffs send final copy Hawb to the customer with actual G.W, C.W, Dims – Get a draft MAWB from the airline to compare to the HAWB, and request that the airline amend the MAWB if there is a discrepancy.
– Send a pre-alert to the agent with the Mawb, Hawb, cargo manifest, and other copy documents (invoice, packing list, C/O, phyto certificate, etc.).
– Provide special instructions to the agent in the event of a DDU/DDP.
– Lead time: within ETD

IPL can handle almost any type of cargo by air.

Indochinapost, which has a global agent network, is dedicated to providing the quickest and cheapest air transport service on the market. For everyday consumer goods, household goods,… Indochinapost logistics can handle and arrange for the quick delivery of goods from other countries to Vietnam.
Freight that has been frozen
Frozen chemistry is classified as perishable, meaning it will spoil if not properly stored and handled. With years of experience and flexible goods handling, your shipment will be delivered as quickly as possible while remaining fresh.
Indochinapost experts will advise customers on how to pack their goods in accordance with IATA standards once they receive their requests. Make certain that the goods do not leak or infect the surrounding goods. Indochinapost frequently recommends dry, liquefied gas, or gel cooling as refrigeration materials. Each material has a distinct advantage and is appropriate for each item.
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