Creditable and high quality airfreight shipping service to the US, Canada and Mexico

Air freight shipping service to the US, Canada and Mexico

North America, comprising of the US, Canada and Mexico, is among the largest trade partners of Vietnam. Therefore, the need of shipping from Vietnam to North America has also been increasing at an accelerated rate. You want to have your goods and documents delivered from Vietnam to North America in the shortest time? You want to enjoy the door-to-door express service and buy-to-order service? You need support in dealing with custom clearance in Vietnam? All of the your demands will be satisfied by us – Indochina Post International. We are the provider of the creditable and high quality air freight shipping service to the US, Canada and Mexico, at a really reasonable and competitive price.

Air freight shipping service to the US, Canada and Mexico
Air freight shipping service to the US, Canada and Mexico

Why should you choose the air freight shipping service of Indochina Post?

Credibility: we are the long-time agent of the three leading express service: DHL, UPS, FedEx. We are also the partner of largest international airlines; especially the Vietnam – North America route: American Airlines; United Airlines; Delta Air Lines; Air Canada; Aeromexico;…

Quality: our team are all well-trained, knowledgeable logistic specialists; we are also willing to advise, support and serve your demand 24/24.

Cost and time: we can provide the speedy express service at a surprisingly competitive price; owing to our widespread network, smart solutions and high-tech application.

Door-to-door service: you and your receiver have no need to leave houses, because we will go to your place to pickup and ship to the exact destination.

Value-added services: we can also give you a great range of value-added services in order to maximize your satisfaction: Packaging; Custom clearance, Buy-to-order, Warehouse leasing;…

Indochina Post can deliver a great variety of goods

  • Gifts, souvenirs, postcards,…
  • Mails, documents, contracts,…
  • University certificates, ID cards, submission confirmations, personal information statements,…
  • Clothes, shoes, jewelry, other fashion accessories
  • FMCG goods, household appliances,…
  • Electronics, smartphones, TVs, refrigerators, electronic accessories,..
  • Sport goods
  • Industrial/Agricultural machines
  • Material for manufacturing steel, cement, rubber,…
  • Package, paper, carton, stationery, office machines,…
  • Safety gears, interiors, advertising banner,…
  • Ornamental plant
  • Bulky goods

We also deliver some special goods:

  • Mineral sample, coal, coke sample: individual statement required.
  • Powder: MSDS, product and manufacturer’s name required.
  • Liquid: MSDS, product and manufacturer’s name required. 
  • Beverage: alcohol level checked. Products with <5% alcohol can be deliver without MSDS. Products with >5% alcohol require MSDS.

Indochina Post operate with a worldwide network

Indochina Post receive packages from all 63 provinces nationwide: 

  • North Vietnam: Lào Cai; Yên Bái; Điện Biên; Hoà Bình; Lai Châu; Sơn La; Hà Giang; Cao Bằng; Bắc Kạn; Lạng Sơn; Tuyên Quang; Thái Nguyên; Phú Thọ; Bắc Giang; Quảng Ninh; Bắc Ninh; Hà Nam; Hải Dương; Hà Nội; Hải Phòng; Hưng Yên; Nam Định; Ninh Bình; Thái Bình; Vĩnh Phúc.
  • Central Vietnam: Thanh Hóa; Nghệ An; Hà Tĩnh; Quảng Bình; Quảng Trị và Thừa Thiên-Huế; Đà Nẵng; Quảng Nam; Quảng Ngãi; Bình Định; Phú Yên,Khánh Hòa, Ninh Thuận; Bình Thuận; Kon Tum; Gia Lai; Đắc Lắc; Đắc Nông và Lâm Đồng
  • South Vietnam: Bình Phước; Bình Dương; Đồng Nai; Tây Ninh; Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu; Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh; Long An; Đồng Tháp; Tiền Giang; An Giang; Bến Tre; Vĩnh Long; Trà Vinh; Hậu Giang; Kiên Giang; Sóc Trăng; Bạc Liêu; Cà Mau và Thành phố Cần Thơ.

We delivery packages to every area in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Air freight shipping service to the US, Canada and Mexico
Air freight shipping service to the US, Canada and Mexico

The procedures of using Indochina Post service

Step 1: Preparation

  • Sender prepare package available for shipping to North America.

Step 2: Register and quotation

  • Sender call Indochina Post to register the shipping service.
  • Provide information, dimension and address for Indochina Post to receive quotation.
  • Choose the service suitable with your package, time and cost.

Step 3: Receive and package

  • Indochina Post will package your goods carefully before shipping.
  • Package will be weighted, measured and invoice will be issued to the sender.

Step 4: Deliver

  • Goods and mail will be delivered to the address of the receiver
  • Indochina Post will notify the receiver on delivery

Above is the air freight shipping service of Indochina Post. Contact us to receive the best advice and support. Pleased to serve you!

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